Compressed Files Online Converter

List of available compressed formats and conversions

Each filetype can be only converted to specific formats, use the table below to know conversion options

GZ Gzip GZ conversions: BZ2 ZIP TAR RAR TAR.GZ
BZ2 Bzip2 Compressed UNIX File BZ2 conversions: GZ ZIP TAR RAR TAR.GZ
ZIP Compressed Archive File ZIP conversions: GZ BZ2 TAR RAR TAR.GZ
TAR Tape Archive File TAR conversions: GZ BZ2 ZIP RAR TAR.GZ
RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive RAR conversions: GZ BZ2 ZIP TAR TAR.GZ
TAR.GZ Gzip Compressed Archive TAR.GZ conversions: GZ BZ2 ZIP TAR RAR

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